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Patellar Luxation Application Form

In order to process your dog's Patellar Luxation x-ray appointment efficiently and without error Cedar Grove Veterinary Services  requests a completed Patellar Luxation application form to be submitted prior to the appointment day. (If not a surcharge of $15.00 will be added to the processing and handling fee). Please complete this form and e-mail to info@cgvet.com. If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact us at (920) 668-6212 or info@cgvet.com. To complete the form click on the link below.


For Patellar Luxation Application click here

Patellar Luxation PDF 

 On the day of the appointment you must bring along the following:


 1. Registration Paper

2. Check to be made out to the OFA



 3. If you have not submitted the required Patellar Luxation form prior to your appointment you must have the following information about your dog with you

~ Registered name and registration number

~ Breed

~ ID number (if any) either tattoo or microchip

~ Date of birth

~ Sex

~ Color

~ Registration numbers of both dam and sire

~ Owners name, address and phone number



If you want OFA to keep results in their database, your dog must be permanently identified with either a microchip or tattoo. If your dog needs to be permanently identified, we can microchip your dog at the time of the x-ray appointment.  



For more information about OFA visit http://www.offa.org/