Cedar Grove Veterinary Services

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Cedar Grove, WI 53013





Large Animal Services



Cedar Grove Veterinary Services is proud to offer state of the art medical care for our large animal clients.  Although dairy cattle work makes up the bulk of our large animal practice, we also offer our services to the owners of goats, sheep, camelids, and swine.


Our services include but are not limited to the following:

~ Preventative medicine (treatment protocols, vaccination protocols, milking protocols)

~ Reproductive management (pregnancy diagnosis, ultrasound, fetal sexing, reproductive protocols)

~ Epidemiology (diagnosis and management of disease outbreaks)

~ Management Consultation (training and education of farm employees)

~ Facility Consultation (Stall + housing design, ventilation design)

~ Diagnostic testing (Blood Chemistries, Necropsy and tissue sampling, environmental sampling, Johnes testing, Tuberculosis testing)

~ Individual sick animal care

~ Surgery

~ Obstetrics

~ Emergency Services

~ Goat Reproductive Services (Artificial Insemination, Pregnancy Diagnosis)


It is our goal to help our clients maximize production while at the same time being an advocate for the welfare of the animals. This helps to ensure consumers the highest quality end-product that is produced in the most ethical manner possible.