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What Our Clients Say...

"I love Dr Mike, he is great with our dog and has been with our other dogs. " ~ Leon

"We've been coming here for many years and really like Dr. Dommer and Dr. Mike. Dr. Dommer has met us at the clinic in the middle of the night (so has Dr. Baker) during emergencies so we know we can count on them when our pets are truly sick." ~ Bob & Joyce

"We will only come here it is a incredible place to bring your pet." ~ Jeni

"I have been a customer for 11 years and have always received excellent care for my pets. The vets and staff have been very caring and compassionate; especially in difficult situations like losing a pet." ~ Monica

"The friendly, "down to earth" approach for our pets is appreciated along with reasonable prices for the services. The care is extraordinary. The vets and staff go the "extra mile" and are willing to spend time with us every time we visit." ~ Russ & Mary

"Helpful, knowledgeable staff, who is willing to listen and provide feedback and options. Didn't push any additional treatment or make us feel like we don't care for our pets. Left the healthcare options up to us." ~ Anonymous

"Caring staff; good value" ~ Rose

"DR. Dommer and her staff are wonderful!!!" ~ Jill

"Bode is always treated very well. And when I leave, all my questions are answered . They are gentle and patient with Bode. I feel CGVC genuinely cares for Bode. That makes me feel good!" ~ Cindy

"Becky Shafstall calms Shelby right down because we always schedule with her. Dr. Dommer is outstanding in her knowledge and the ability to calm Shelby. I always get appointments that fit my work schedule. I tell everyone to come here!! Thanks!" ~ Lois

"I'm always happy with the results of my visits, and the kindness that is shown." ~ Chris

"I have been coming here for 11 yeas for all of my pets and my family has been visiting this clinic since 1992. I appreciate the compassion and love the staff has towards all pets. The doctors make the trip worth the drive, no matter the cost." ~ Anonymous

"You guys have been great with the care, communication, and answering questions. You have always worked with my budget in order to ensure my critters are taken care of to your (and my) standards :)" ~ Laura

"BECAUCE WE LIKE YOU:Baxter & lola" ~ Beverly

"We are always treated with kindness and the staff and doctors are always ready to answer all our questions. They listen when we talk, even if it has nothing to do with the health problem of our cats. We like the friendly atmosphere they have." ~ Rhonda

"Our kitties, Boomer and Patches, are always treated with care, concern and respect, even though Boomer is not always respectful. Whether I'm at an appointment or on the telephone with the clinic, questions are always answered adequately and promptly" ~ Melissa

"Dr. Dommer is an excellent veterinarian!" ~ Anonymous

"My children are not in the area and go to other vets. When we exchange information about vets, it's obvious. Our vet wins." ~ Kent

"Your Doing Great!" ~ Sandra

"I've been taking my pets to Cedar Grove Veterinary Services SC. The entire staff, vets, and groomer are all super." ~ Pamarie

"I like the people there, the office staff is very friendly, the techs are good with the pets and the doctors always give quality care. Very pleased with this clinic. They also have a very good groomer." ~ Anonymous

"Visit was efficient. Staff showed courtesy for my pet by keeping any stress to a minimum." ~ Anonymous

"I love the clinic. Everyone is so nice and the Drs are wonderful with my animals." ~ Anonymous

"I had to take my dog to a vet in thiensville when she got sick once. We waited 40 minutes to be seen and it costed double. CG is much more professional, time and cost effective, and friendly!" ~ Carli

"I'm confident that Toby is getting the best care possible and he is treated at the clinic like he's treated at home. He also "likes" your door chime....'arrff, arrrff'" ~ Virg

"Knowledgeable staff Treated us like valued customers, including OUR dog! Gave us good resources Answered questions without being patronizing Clearly explained the need for the essentials, but not too pushy about the rest." ~ Anonymous

"Professional but caring." ~ Anonymous

"I am a first time dog owner, and I especially appreciate the fact that they never make me feel foolish about any of my questions. Also, Rosie actually loves going to the vet! She gets lots of attention and great care." ~ Anonymous

"u make us feel as part of a big family" ~Anonymous

"Everyone fussed over our dog and made us feel welcome too, especially Krissy and Dr. Baker." ~ Karen

"The staff is always friendly!!" ~ Nicole

"We've always felt the care our pets received at this clinic to be stellar. All of the staff are knowledgeable, caring, and capable, and patiently answer our questions while advising us on how best to care for our four-legged family members." ~ Leigh

"Chris the receptionist is always so friendly & sincerely concerned when something is wrong with Hooch. We appreciate the whole staff as their care of Hooch & our concerns is above & beyond simple office visits." ~ Liz

"From the moment we walk in the door, to the time we pay for our service, every staff member treats us like they are there just for us. Dr. Domer is, simply put, amazing. When she is not available, I know I can still count on the best care for my boys" ~ Linda

"I have always been treated in a very friendly manner. My dogs and myself are always treated well. My feelings are always taken into consideration. I have referred other people to the clinic." ~ Ruth

"If I live long enough, I will see every veterinarian for every holiday during emergency visits. I am extremely grateful for the on call staff on nights, weekends, and holidays." ~ Kerry

"kind staff and very good at their work !" ~ John

"Knowledgeable and friendly. Always available for questions. Appointments made quickly." ~ Anonymous

"The follow up phone call from the vet was really nice. I really felt she cared about not only Molly but us and asked if we had any other questions. Very nice." ~ Holly

"Dr. Dommer is a superior veterinarian. Friendly staff, impeccably clean facilities and most of all, the best pet care. Gracie and Stella, our Boston Terrier's thank you!" ~ Kris 

"I always feel like Duke's best interest is a priority to you all. You have always been there whenever I needed help. Thank you!" ~ Amy

"Dr. Dommer was fantastic. She interacted well with my Border Collie (who is not very friendly with everyone) and took the time to sit and answer my questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend your clinic to anyone who needs your services." ~ Marilyn

"Everyone--from the receptionist, to Amy, to Ginny, to Holly, and Dr. Dommer--are very, very pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable. It's great to bring Lexi to a vet who truly cares about her and treats Lexi as though she were her own." ~ Vicki

"The clinic as a whole is very calming. The staff are friendly and know what they are doing. They listen to our questions and answer them appropriately. There was no trying to scare pet owners into treatments like other vets." ~ Krystyn

"Fast friendly service, with tons of knowledge and willingness to help at anytime I may have a question. Explained their thoughts and recommendations, for the health of my pup and to make him feel as comfortable as possible." ~ Kyle

"Great experience each time we go." ~ Daisy

"We had Dr. Diane Dommer. She was very nice and thorough and most importantly our dog, Milo, loved her." ~ Anonymous

"Been with this clinic for 3 years and I won't go to another one. It fits me perfectly." ~ Courtney

"Caring, warm staff. Great facility." ~ Matthew

"I feel that Cedar Grove is a little expensive, but I love Dr Baker she is amazing and really takes the time to talk to me and explain things." ~ Chris

"So friendly and what a beautiful, clean environment. We were very impressed." ~ Cherie

"Have always been happy with the care we have received here." ~ Lori

"Love all the vets at Cedar Grove Vet Clinic. Everyone would like more for the fee paid, but I do understand it is normal." ~ Bobi

"We moved further away from Cedar Grove Veterinary Services. We switched to a Vet closer to our new home. We did NOT receive the friendly thorough services provided at Cedar Grove. We realized it is worth the drive to switch back:-) " ~ Mary

"I have had nothing but great service and care at your hospital" ~ Anonymous

"Great facility and staff." ~ Anonymous

"Excellent care provided by people who are knowledgeable and compassionate individuals. They see my pet as another member of the family." ~ Anonymous

"Dr. Getson is very professional and very caring. He discusses all aspects of our pets heath - from food and activity to preventative care. We recommend him to all our friends and colleagues." ~ Sue

"Because every one there has a great love for all the pets that come there.Only people with a heart of gold would understand the love we have for our pets" ~ Sally

"Very happy with our first visit." ~ Mark

"Cedar grove vet services staff and physicians have always been very kind and friendly towards me and my Neuman. Highly recommend them!" ~ Kay

"I have always liked the complete staff at Cedar Grove and have received great care. I always recommend this place as the best in the area." ~ Sandra

"Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. All of our concerns were addressed, and we never felt rushed or like any of our questions were not good questions to ask. Thank you Dr. Dommer, Krissy, and all of the staff! Great experience!" ~ Angela

"For the last 20 plus years Dr. Baker and your staff have treated our animals (Llamas, Dogs and Cats) with great care. We greatly appreciate that." ~ Roger

"I was greeted promptly. Every employee took the time to use mine and my dogs name. Friendly atmosphere and very knowledgeable staff. Excellent care toward my dog. Talked me through everything that was going to happen as it did happen." ~ Todd

"Just really like the dr. for our dogs and the vet techs. Everyone was so helpful and in such great sprits." ~ Anonymous

"I have always loved your clinic as the vets are personable with our pets & that is very important to me. I live in Milwaukee & drive to Cedar Grove for all of my vet needs as the vets here are either too expensive and/or like an assembly line." ~ Marlene

"REALLY liked Dr. Demianiuk - first time I've met with him and he gave me some great advice about water consumption and things to look for with my male cat." ~ Anonymous

"The staff is always friendly and professional. Always find time to care for my dog Axl. Very understanding people." ~ Mark

"Best vets and services I have encountered in 40 years of using a dozen different vets in different locations." ~ David

"Very nice friendly people. Took time to get to know our cat." ~ Jess

"Love the efforts made to accommodate Gus and his ptsd he has come a long way!" ~ Deb

"I like the fact that there are so many wonderful doctors and therefore, can get an appointment right away" ~ Sara

"Trust Dr. Getson and staff..they are so caring, and helped my cat feel so much better!" ~ Anonymous

"Cedar grove veterinary clinic has always been good to me and my pets over the last 16 years." ~ Jackie

"I have five pets (two dogs & three cats) and am in clinic on regular basis. Everyone is very friendly and the doctors always take their time with my pets - I always feel like they want to do the best thing for my pet (not what makes them most $)." ~ Tammy

"I feel I have always received the very best care for my pets and have been a very satisfied customer for over 12 years. Each one of the veterinarians is very skilled, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. I appreciate all they do for me." ~ Monica

"They knew how to handle my big Rottweiler Jewka ...That is why I drive 35 min away to come ..I felt so relived, and so was my dog ..." ~ Debbie

"Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic is a two hour drive from my house, but I wouldn't even consider going to another clinic. The level of care my dogs have received here, far exceeds any other vet we have tried in the past." ~ David

"CVS has provided our family of misfit/unwanted adopted animals with compassion, kindness and vast knowledge. When we were facing end of life decisions, the doctors/staff treated us with compassion and empathy. We would not take our pets elsewhere!" ~ Betty

"We have been going to Cedar Grove Veterinary for the past 10 years and have had exceptional service. The staff is always very warm, friendly and considerate towards my pet." ~ Kelly

"Dr Dommer and staff are amazing. I have always been treated so kind and everyone has been loving to my animals. Dr. Getson even came over to shake my hand, that meant so much that he took a second to say hi and make me feel like a valued client." ~ Julie

"Your personal, professional care is greatly appreciated. It is evident you care about animals and give the best possible service." ~ Anonymous

"Dr. Demianiuk, the vet, is a great communicator & clearly knows his business. I'll try to schedule with him again for sure!" ~ Bill

"Honesty and straight forward information conveyed to me compassionately." ~ Sheila

"Great Job, Thanks" ~ Scott

"The Doctors have always made an effort to help my animals. Dr Dommer actually spotted Bear's thyroid condition on a routine exam" ~ Carol

"Dr. Dommer and Dr. Baker truly love taking care of our furry family members whether it is for an annual checkup and/or if they are sick. I recommend Cedar Grove Vet Clinic for all your pets needs including food, prescriptions, etc. Thank you CGVC!!" ~ Lois

"You always give great care to my pets, Tom- tom, Patchess. and Sammy." ~ Anonymous

"We love Cedar Grove Vet Service and all the the vets, especially Dr. Dommer, our vet. The staff is welcoming and facilities are in tip-top shape. Two families have switched to Cedar Grove Vet with our recommendation and are very satisfied also." ~ Kris

"Everyone there at the clinic is very helpful and understanding. You were very calm and patient with Toby and myself. Have told other about you in the past and will continue to. Great pet care. Very loving place." ~ Ruth

"The doctors take time to listen and go above and beyond giving our pets the best treatment possible! Everyone is so friendly and compassionate to us and our pets!" ~ Andrea

"Pets are in effect "part of the family" and to have a clinic like this one who you trust 100% is a comforting feeling." ~ Lou

"So caring, dedicated and friendly. Everyone that works there is awesome!" ~ Paula

"It was a very pleasant experience. Thank you" ~ Leon

"I have always been happy with the services at CGV. I have recommended CGV to others and they agree, CGV knows their stuff." ~ Anonymous

"When you have a sick pet, it's difficult enough . When everyone treats your pet like they are the most important , it makes it so much easier . From bringing you in last minute , to staying late , to be sure you understand everything . You're the best" ~ Linda

"Everyone, especially the doctors, are always caring and knowledgeable. They offer solutions and suggestions that match with my philosophy." ~ Betty Jane

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